The Black Law Students Association chapter at the University of Illinois College of Law was founded in the late 1960s. The co-founder, David Addison served as president of the organization in the Spring of 1968 during a time when African-American students became involved in demonstrations at the University to increase the number of African-American students.

BLSA recognizes that today's legal market is changing and dynamic. Many factors including the economy have reshaped the way legal employers hire law students and serve their clients. As a result, our organization focuses its energy on providing important information regarding long terms careers to their members. BLSA is also dedicated to the success of our incoming students and the greater community as well.

Some of this year's events include:
  • Academic workshops
  • 21st Annual BLSA Alumni Banquet
  • Alumni networking events
  • BLSA Buddy Program
  • BLSA Alumni Buddy Program
  • Volunteer initiatives